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Hi, I’m Sumitra Parhi AKA Mitra! I’m a full-time freelance artist, author and researcher.

For last 10 years I am doing research in the field of alternative education, child psychology, literature as well as traditional art and craft. As a result I write articles, make YouTube videos, do counselings, documents craft traditions. At the same time I give some time to make my own artwork and hand painted thing, so that I can afford to continue doing all these works while being able to live a simple life.

These are the things what I love to do and what I feel most passionate about. This is my little effort to do something good for my country and my people. I want to keep doing these every day of my life.

In different occasion I was getting a lot of messages/comments from people who wanted to support my work and help me do this full time. So here I am. Every amount of your contribution will be put to expand and to do better in all my work.

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